You can make her orgasm multiple times

Women can climax multiple times in a single session and yes, it is completely possible! Here are 7 tips to experience this pleasure at its peak…

It is obvious you can’t enjoy sex if you are stressed, and forget orgasming multiple times if you are not relaxed. Don’t set any expectations about the number of times you can reach climax. If you condition your mind that you can climax only once, you will. Find your happy place, set your emotions right and just go with the flow.

There’s no point in rushing things when you have such ultimate-pleasure plans! Spend a good amount of time on foreplay and do whatever it takes to amp your pleasure level. Let him go down and do some magic orally. Whether it’s by tongue or handwork, clitoris stimulation is one of the easiest ways to climax. Oh, yaaah !

Once you have orgasmed for the first time, your body is little drained out of energy as the stimulation leads to drastic surge in blood flow. While you are in this pleasure zone, use this time for cutesy kisses, caressing and stroking, along with romantic chit-chats. This will not let you cool off immediately, and within minutes, you will be up again for another body-jolting earthquake.orgazm

Intercourse has to be pleasurable rather than painful. Vaginal soreness is a common concept and it is wise to use lubes to make things smooth, especially when the sack session is going to last multiple times.

Try out new positions and let the experimentation keep the boat floating. Once you are done with clitoral stroking, try out the positions (like reverse cowgirl and doggie style) that stimulate the G-spot. This moan zone can make you go gaga when stroked and works like a magical charm to achieve multiple orgasms.

This is really important, girls! There is no need to be self-conscious and make it clear in your mind that sex is equally for your own pleasure. Demand what you like and say no when you are not willing for anything. If you feel like, don’t be hesitant to take the lead, neither be shy to tell him what you want.

Appreciation at the right time is the key to stay aroused and is needed from both the partners. Tell each other how they make you go crazy and how special you are in their life. It will keep the waves of love and passion hitting the shore.