You can book only 6 rail ticket per month online

As part of its efforts to check the menace of touts, the railways has decided that only six tickets can be booked in a month from one user ID through the IRCTC website.At present, the limit is 10.

One ticket means one PNR which is a record of a passenger, or a group of passengers (maximum six).

The decision will come into effect from February 15.

The existing restriction of booking two Tatkal tickets in the 10am-12 noon window in a day and two regular tickets in the 8am-10am slot remains.

The decision to reduce the number of tickets that can be booked a month came after the state-run transporter analysed the data of ticket reservation and found that 90% of users booked up to six tickets in a given month and only 10% purchased more than six tickets. You can now buy only six online train tickets a month from one user ID. The decision was taken as it was suspected that 10% users who booked 10 tickets every month -the current limit -might be involved in touting.

“The move (to limit number of online tickets) is aimed at deterring touts and facilitating genuine passengers,“ a railway official said.

However, some people were of the view that the restriction may cause discomfort to people who frequently travel by train. A few argued that touts and brokers would find a way by creating multiple user IDs.railway ticket

“If I go home every weekend from the city where I work and come back, I would need a minimum of eight tickets in a month. What do I do?“ asked a regular passenger.

Among other measures already in force are debarring of all types of ticketing agents from booking tickets during the first 30 minutes of opening of booking, ie from 8am to 8.30am for general bookings, and from 10am to 10.30am and 11am to 11.30am for Tatkal booking in AC and non-AC classes, respectively .

Booking is not allowed through ewallet and cash cards from 8am to 12noon and there is only one booking in one user login session except for returnonward journey between 8am to 12noon.