Yoga poses for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a time for a lot of changes ­ emo tional, mental and most importantly , physical. As your body adjusts to the transformation taking place, it is but natural to feel discomfort, apprehension and a range of conflicting emotions. But don’t be lethargic. In fact, the more active you are, the better it is for you. Being physically active during pregnancy (unless specified otherwise by your gynaecologist) will not only ensure you don’t pile on unnecessary kilos but also helps you during labour. Prenatal yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the city, in fact a number of yoga institutions are offering it.



An easy yet effective prenatal exercise, it helps open up your hips and relieves tension in your shoulders. Sit down crosslegged (don’t sit on your tailbone) and sit up straight. You can also sit with your heels touching each other. Keep your palms on your thighs and focus on your breathing. You can sit on a blanket if you s want. In case want. In case you want to add some stretching to this pose, you can raise one arm a n d stretch it behind your head in the opposite direction while the other hand stays behind your lower back. Hold for a few seconds and repeat the exercise with the other arm.



This pose can be done once you’re in your second trimester and has a number of benefits. Stand with your feet apart and raise your arms sideways till the shoulder level.Make sure your shoulders are relaxed. Now, turn your right foot outwards and bend it at the waist.Slowly , extend your right hand downwards but ensure that you don’t bend your knees. Try and place your palm next to your right leg (on the outside) but even if you c a n ‘ t reach all the way down, don’t worry .The idea is to stretch as much as you can.Next, stretch your left arm up. Stay in this position for as long as you can and en sure you breathe normally.

Come back to the centre position and begin with the other side.



As you expand around the middle, you will notice that you may lose your balance often, which is where this yoga pose comes in very handy . This pose focuses on balance and improving stamina. Start by standing straight with your feet slightly apart and hands by your side. Lift your right foot and place your left foot on your right thigh.Breathe normally , keep your back straight and hold the position for a few seconds. Repeat with the other leg. If you find it difficult to balance yourself at first, don’t lose heart.You can start by using the wall for support and gradually move towards do ing it without support once you gain confidence.