Why women should exercise regularly

Nutrition and body sculpting expert Nidhi Mohan Kamal says that balancing a career and family often causes a woman’s personal needs, especially their health, to take a back seat. She speaks about why exercising is important for women and the number of benefits it has, like: Improves mood: Exercise stimulates a range of happy h o rmones, which makes women feel happier and more relaxed. It also improves immunity and combats depression.Improves sleep patterns: Exercising helps women fall asleep faster and deepens sleep patterns. But don’t exercise right before you go to sleep.Reduces risk of cancer: Working out regularly reduces the chances of getting cancer. As cancer is linked to obesity, work ing out will improve health in this aspect.women exercise

Helps with PMS and childbirth: Cardio vascular-based exercises help in reducing premenstrual symptoms like aches and cramps.Women who are physically fit before and during pregnancy have less severe back and labour pain, and have relatively easier deliveries than unfit women.Stronger bones:Exercising regularly helps prevent osteoporosis as it strengthens their bones, especially by weight lifting and training.Reduce weight: Exercising wil burn calories which can help maintain and assist in overal weight loss.