Why you are not earning through AdSense ?

Reasons why you’re not making money from Adsense and how you can fix them!

1. You don’t have enough traffic
Most bloggers assume you need high traffic to make anything from Google Adsense. Now don’t get me wrong, yes if you have 100,000s of page views a month you will earn a decent amount from adsense but that’s not to say that if you receive a lot less that you can’t earn through adsense as that most definitely isn’t true! If traffic is your downfall then you should look at ways to increase traffic to your blog!
2. Bad ad placement 

Did you know that where and how you place your ads makes a whole lot of difference between earning pennies and pounds a day?

Place you ads close to things people are most likely to click on, for example your menu bar, category images, social media buttons. Just by placing them in the right places you can double your Adsense income! There are tools which you can use to observe where people are clicking the most to such an Googles placement heat map or installing a heat map on your blog to see where to place your ads.
TIP: If you link your adsense account to Google Analytics and go to Behaviour >> Landing pages and click on adsense and then select your dates. This will then bring up a report telling you which posts are your top earning posts which is great if you have ads placed in them and how much you h

3. You have irrelevant ads

One reason you may not be making money from adsense is because you have too many irrelevant ads and they aren’t matching your blog at all. These irrelevant ads then stick out and look like ads compared to ones which match a readers searches for example if they’re been looking at buying kids toys all day and an ad pops up for Argos 3 for 2 sale, that would be relevant to that reader and they would be more likely to click on it. You may also have too many ads showing up from other sources or companies which don’t actually pay out a lot in which case you need to block these sites from coming up on your blog! You can do this by going to “Allow & block ads” on your adsense dashboard and then typing in sites you don’t wish to show up. For example Facebook, eBay, gambling sites, download sites and many other irrelevant ads. Also if you click on “General categories” and “Sensitive categories”you can then de-select any irrelevant topics which don’t match your blog after all someone who has come to your blog to look at recipes isn’t going to be interested in ads for veterinary courses.
4. You have too many ads
You know those blogs you land on and all you see is huge flashing banners on the header space, all down the sidebar, in between every post and at the footer of the blog. I’m sure you’ll agree that they are pretty obvious that they are indeed advertisement banners and very off-putting! Many people myself included will leave a blog if all they can see if banners everywhere. Keep your ads to a minimum  to optimise your potential revenue earnings from them. Have around 3-4 max on your blog for example the header, one at the top of your sidebar, maybe one at the bottom and one in your footer but most definitely don’t have dozens of ads in your sidebar! Remember less is more!
5. Your blog is loading too slow
If your blog is running slow, your banners will load slowly also which will affect your adsense earnings. You can use this site to check your speed load time and find out how you can reduce it. Mine is pretty slow and always has been due to large images but I’m in the process of reducing these which I have noticed a difference in the loading time of my blog since.boosting adsense earning
6. Your ads don’t match your branding/colour scheme
As well as placing your ads in the right place it’s also important that they match the brand or colour scheme of your blog so they don’t look like they were just randomly added anywhere to make some quick money! If you’re using text ads use a custom text ad style and select your colours to match and complement your blog and you can use it throughout your adsense ads in future when ever you create a new ad. Choose an ad style that is easy for your readers to read.
7. You don’t have a niche
You’re blogging about everything under the sun which means you’re attracting everyone to your blog and Google isn’t sure what ads to display at all. Try and narrow your niche as much as possible to target a specific audience who all share the same kind of interests. This way your ads will be more targeted and appealing to your readers. If you run a food blog your ads will be more relevant to everyone who lands on your blog rather than if you blog about anything and everything. Of course Google tends to only display ads which are relevant to the reader however in some cases other ads slip through which may be completely un-relevant to them which is loosing you out on money.
So there you have it, those are my top reasons why you’re not making money from adsense. Hopefully you find them useful and soon notice a difference in your adsense income over the next few months.
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