Why do people follow godmen?

Each time a fake godman stands exposed, one is left wondering at the blind faith of followers who failed to look beyond the mask of someone who was a con man at best, and a crook, murderer, and rapist, at worst! What attracts people to these peddlers of faith? Why the desperate need to believe that anyone has a quicker channel to God than you do? Those frantically looking for a peg to hang their faith on, are actually more the victims of their own need than of the wiles of conmen.If you have a strong belief in your own self and faith in your thoughts, values, and actions, you become impervious to the perceived power of another. You then do not need another.
Looking for meaning and purpose, people fall prey to the tricks-of-trade employed by wily godmenwomen

However, we all have a deep, innate need to belong to someone or something.We also need to matter. We want our lives to have a meaning and purpose. Nobody dreams of being one amongst millions; we all wish to have a unique identity and to know that our existence matters. It is this desperate need for anchors that are exploited by fake babas and mates. India being home to the world’s largest population of illiterates and a sizable population below the poverty line doesn’t help either. Being part of a cult or dera gives a false sense of meaning and purpose to people who have no other hope. Attaching yourself to a cult gives you an identity of sorts. The halfbaked gyan spouted by the babas helps to keep your hopes going, with a promise of heaven, always in the future.

But it isn’t just the poor and the illiterate who are hoodwinked by imposter babas. What about their rich followers who are the financial backbone of these vice dens? These people who have everything materially, lack happiness and hope. Kings and queens of a hollow world devoid of substance and happiness, they seek the elusive in the aura of these conmen. The self-proclaimed godmen also act as a conduit between politicians and their rich followers, using their smart networking system to help all. In fact, the deras and satsangs are great places for networking. These men have all the qualities of good political leaders ­ they are great orators and good at the art of conning.They show concern, try and help their weak followers and also indulge in social work. They ensure a rich patronage and buffer themselves up with a good political connect. That works well because politicians use them right back as political vote banks.

The fake godmen have the great acumen and are able to secure the affection and belief of their followers with usual tricks of the trade. They are great at playing the collective psyche and hand out miracles and tidbits of hope. The herd mentality of people not wishing to be left behind in the race to God-dom helps their cause further.Superstitious beliefs and the deep need to find hope and happiness keep people attached to them. The conmen are clever enough to understand how to hoodwink and collectively hypnotise masses into becoming followers.

Lacking purpose and a sense of direction, we are actively seeking someone to look up to and follow. The many fake god men prove easy pegs to hang our insecurities onto. Our families and religion provide a sense of meaning and purpose to most, and so does the work we do.

Research shows that we feel most meaningful and satisfied when we serve and help others. That is a reason all of us look for something beyond our daily work and often find that satisfaction in charity. Unfortunately, unless we stay alert, that is also the point at which the con-guru is waiting for you ­ offering to help soak up all that angst, loneliness and need to give and help others.

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