What not to be shared on Social Media

There is a golden rule that everyone must follow while sharing information on their social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram -when in doubt, leave it out’. We can never be sure what we share remains private. Linked accounts, privacy settings and the nature of medium mean almost everything we share online has a potential to be leaked to someone we don’t want or be seen by more than our `friends’ and be misused.Here are few things to never share online.


With identity theft being a huge concern, putting out your address, phone number, date of birth, is like serving data thieves the info they seek on a platter.Aadhar or driver’s license, your joke on your `ugly’ photo may make fraudsters laugh all the way to the bank!dont share on social media


The security questions of most banking sites are either name of your pet, mother’s maiden name, a bank with which you opened first account, the age of your mother when you were born or month of your father’s birth. A recent online research stated that users do not even realize that they merrily answer these questions through their updates on social media sites. Fraudsters constantly look for such info to break into your banking system.


There is a temptation to click on the link asking you which Game of Thrones character you are or which a client royalty you resemble. But have you ever thought why should such an `innocuous’ quiz need access to your email, contacts, friend list or in ages? Now think again what all is possible with ac cess to this in formation be fore taking such a quiz.

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You don’t want your Linkedin followers to know you are undergoing a separation just as you do not want your Facebook friends to know what you feel on Twitter. Sharing details of your involvement with a new project with friends on Facebook might not be the best idea on Linkedin as your competitors might use that information to devise their strategies. Yet you end up sharing all this information across platforms as your accounts are linked. Delink the accounts.


We are all proud of our first paycheck, fancy new cheque book or a platinum credit card. But sharing its images on social media isn’t wise. Giving out your card number, account name, and expiry date or showing your account number, account holder’s name and bank branch info are playing into the hands of fraudsters. Hackers are constantly sifting through sites to procure this information and break into accounts.