What it takes for inflight WiFi to keep you connected

The mode of receiving internet from towers is called Air To Ground (ATG) method. The plane will pick up signals from the towers on the ground. This is faster because the towers are closer to the plane than the satellites. However, when the plane is flying above vast water bodies and deserts where there are no towers, it won’t catch any signals.

Satellite mode

When it comes to the satellite mode, the domeshaped antenna on the top of the aircraft will pick up signals from satellites. This system will use connections which are similar to 3G and 4G internet that we use. The satellite system is faster and more efficient than the ATG system, but there will still be hiccups since all passengers are sharing the same WiFi.

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Additional factors

The quality of the WiFi depends on a few more factors. They are the airline, the aircraft, the in-flight WiFi supplier and the region you’re traveling to and from. Secondly, the aircraft also plays an important role in your being able to access the internet 36,000 feet above sea level. Lastly, the route also needs to be checked. If you’re flying over mountains and oceans, or above countries that have restrictions, you won’t be in luck when it comes to the internet.