What is Programmatic Buying?

What is Programmatic Buying?
Programmatic Buying is a way to advertise which is more specific and precise in nature helping brands target exactly the customers they are looking to show their ads to. With an option to choose which publishers your ads would be visible on, you also have the opportunity to filter out audience on the basis of age, gender, social standing, geographies and much more to reach out to your exact target audience.
The digitalBE can empower you with the ability to shoot tailor specific messages and creative to your audience, this methodology delivers far more precision and personalisation of messaging and media resulting in more efficiently targeted campaigns for better ROI.
What is Real Time Buying?
Programmatic Buying involves Real Time Buying (RTB) of media which is automated through our technology platform. The process is set such that once the publishers make the space available, the buyers can bid for that particular ad space. The RTB comes into picture when the buyers set different variables such as price, audience segment profiles, etc. they are trying to reach with their message.
But how does Programmatic and Real Time Buying work?
When a web page with an ad space is being loaded, the information about the visitor as well as the context of the page are sent to the ad exchanges. The buyers then bid for the ad space if it is relevant to them. The ad with the highest bid wins and gets placed on the page.
Why is Programmatic Buying the future of Advertising?
  • Precision in Targeting
  • Cost Efficient
  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Behavorial Profiling
  • Singe Dashboard to Analyze Data
  • Data Management to Reduce Costs
  • Frequency Capping
  • Lower CPM/CPC

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