Ways To Overcome Inner And Outer Pollution

The perfect balance of nature, which has maintained life for millions of years, is being threatened by technology that has transformed the modern world in many different ways. Every day we hear of new threats to the environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the land that gives us our food are all progressively getting polluted. Concern for the ecology has become universal.

There are four main areas: understanding natural cycles; becoming aware of the effects of pollution, restoring nature to its pristine state, and adopting practices and lifestyles that help preserve the purity of nature.The same four areas of study apply to both inner and outer ecology .

Just as we have natural cycles ­ water cycle, plant cycle and fossil fuel cycle ­ there is also a soul cycle. The soul’s journey began within the creation of universes, and it has been in motion ever since. The soul is a spark of the Divine within us. As long as the soul inhabits the body, the body is alive.When God created the universes, He separated souls from Himself to inhabit the worlds. Thus began the soul cycle. He has also provided a way for souls to return to Him, through Naam or Word.

The next aspect of inner and outer ecology is pollution. Like air and water, the soul has an innate beauty of its own.Exploitation of the planet has sullied natural resources.Similarly , our insatiable appetite for gratifying our senses has polluted the natural purity of the soul. Worldly desires and sensuous pleasures settle like dust on the pure soul.

The third aspect is restoring to the soul, its beauty . Ecologists who clean our polluted air and water and free trapped animals are the environmental heroes of our times. There are also ecologists of the soul who have realised the pristine beauty of the spirit and are aware of pollutants that cover it with layers of dirt and filth. These divine ecologists are better known as saints, mystics and spiritual masters. The fourth aspect is the natural beauty of the soul.

Once we have direct experience of the inner Light and Sound, we realise that we are not the body , but are soul. We realise that there is a higher reality within us. It is the beginning of our journey to our true home.Spiritual adepts teach us those practices that will help us in the cleansing process to purify ourselves faster.

Once we are taught the method of meditation, we need to set aside some time from our workday life to commune with the current of Light and Sound within. Secondly , in order to progress on our spiritual journey within, we need to overcome anger, lust, greed, attachment and ego ­ the five pollutants that cover the soul’s purity . Spiritual adepts lay great emphasis on ethical living and speak of it as a stepping-stone to spirituality . If our planet, with its interdependent ecological systems, is to survive, we have to learn to live in harmony with all creation.

When we advance spiritually , we begin to live with sensitivity and treat others and the environment with love and gentleness. The imperfections and pollutants that covered us will fall away and we are restored to our original purity .

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