Usefulness of Banana Pills for your health

In India, people have been using banana peels to many advantages for decades now. Not only banana peel is edible but it also holds many benefits. These peels are full of anti-fungal compounds, antibiotic agents, fiber, nutrients and other health-enhancing properties.

There are multiple beneficiary reasons for using Banana Pills:

Good for depression:
Banana peels are packed with serotonin, a chemical that helps in boosting your mood and makes you feel good. Research says that if you consume two banana peels for three days continuously, your serotonin level will increase by 15 per cent.

Help you sleep better:
Banana peels are full of tryptophan, a chemical that is known for inducing more relaxed sleep.

Lowers Cholesterol:

Banana peels are full of soluble and insoluble fiber. In fact, they have more fiber than banana itself. Fiber helps to lower your cholesterol and thus, helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

Weight loss:
Because banana peels are full of fiber, they help in losing weight.

Creates probiotics:
Again because of a high fiber content, banana peel creates a space for good bacteria to grow in your colon and thus, boosts your immune system.

Cardiovascular Health:
Banana peels can help in eliminating atherosclerosis from your body by preventing cholesterol from sticking to the walls of your arteries.

 Helps to detox:
Because of good bacteria in your colon, these peels help get rid of constipation and thus, help detox the body and create a better immune system.

A protective agent for Red Blood Cells:
Banana peels help to protect the red blood cells in your body from breaking down. It was found that green banana peels were more effective in doing so.

Good for eye health:
Banana peels contain lutein which is important for night vision. They also prevent muscular degeneration and prevent cataracts.

Skin health and Anti-Inflammatory Agent:
Banana peels are good anti-inflammatory agents that help to soothe away all kinds of inflammations. Banana also helps with warts, psoriasis, itching, insect bites, rashes, wrinkles, and help to better skin texture.

It’s not easy to eat a banana peel as it’s thick, bitter and fibrous but there are ways you can eat this healthy peel. Some of the common ways are:

Blend it into a smoothie.
Fry them a little.
Bake them
Boil them in water for 10 minutes
Make banana peel tea

In the last four methods, heat will break down the Peel’s fiber and loosen up the tough texture, making the peel easier to chew and digest.

Nutritional benefits of a banana peel

The flesh of a medium-sized banana contains a significant amount of your daily recommended intake of many nutrients, such as:

12 per cent of your fiber requirement which helps in digestion and lowering blood sugar levels.

17 per cent of your Vitamin C requirement, which is required by your immune system and which also keeps your skin glowing.

  20 per cent of your vitamin B6 requirement, which helps body to convert food into energy.

12 per cent of your potassium requirement, which helps in growth, development and repair of tissues and cells all over the body.

8 per cent of your magnesium requirement, which is important for regulating glucose and blood pressure levels in your body.

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