Treating back ailments without surgery

An MRI test is often prescribed in cases dealing with the problem of a severe back pain and results are the basis on which a doctor decides if a surgery is to be prescribed. Although surgery is the last resort and only to be prescribed in cases where the patient has lost control of bladder or bowel functions due to severe nerve involvement, the high volume of spine surgeries prescribed shows an overuse of this form of treatment especially when it does not reverse the root cause of the problem. Some doctors prescribe physiotherapy and suggest that patients try a non-surgical approach, failing which a surgery can be prescribed. Unfortunately , conventional physiotherapy where pain suppressing devices are used with a combination of general exercises do not offer long lasting results. The pain resurfaces a few weeks later, as the root cause is left undiagnosed and hence the treatment is inaccurate.

ailments Latest research on outcomes comparing surgery and conservative treatment made a great impact when it revealed that surgery is not the most effective route. It also highlights that spine surgery has a high failure rate. (Re-surgery rates over 10 years are as high as 35% in some countries). After his slipped disc, Vikas Chawla was prescribed an s MRI scan, which revealed a disc herniation that was causing a nerve compression. He was in excruciating pain and surgery was prescribed by his doctor. Vikas, like 90% of patients, was surgery-phobic and the thought of going under the knife was terrifying.He learnt of Qi Spine Clinic from a friend who had been successfully treated by them.The specialty clinic chain is India’s first for spine disor ders and those suffering from back pain. At the clinic, the first step was to identify the root cause of the pain by a function diagnosis test called the DSA. The test revealed de ficiencies in his muscular structure. This ensured that the treatment plan was tar geted and precise. Years of poor lifestyle choic es was reversed in just 12 weeks. He decided to get another MRI scan to check his pro gression once the pain had gone and his functional abili ty restored. His post-treat ment MRI showed visible re versal in the disc herniation.

Doctors at Qi Spine Clinic receive a large number of requests for a second opinion from those prescribed spine surgery . In over 90% of these cases patients are able to avoid surgery completely and achieve full reversal of their symptoms.