Treat lower back pain without surgery

A study published in the 2014 edition of the International Journal of Rehabili tation Research discusses the treatment for severe spine dysfunction. The study included data on chronic lower back pain patients who participated in four random and controlled trials over 23 years and concluded that there was no benefit of lumbar fusion surgery over conservative treatment.

The case of 55-year-old MR Prasad echoes the results of this study . He underwent three surgeries that failed to cure him. He had severe pain, numbness in both feet, muscle spasms in his legs and was diagnosed with disc prolapse at L3L4 and L4L5. He was advised to undergo another spinal surgery , which left him distraught.He learned the hard way that surgery and medication can only suppress or correct the symptom ­ not reverse the fundamental cause of the problem. He then visited the Qi Spine Clinic, where he was introduced to advanced spine treatment for back pain. The clinic’s evidencebased medical treatment protocols have been adopted from some of the leading spine institutes in the world with success.lower back pain

The tests conducted at Qi Spine revealed what no MRI or X-Ray had shown him so far ­ it highlighted the lack of muscular (mechanical) strength in his spine. This allowed the doctors to isolate and target treatment very precisely with the use of their unique technology .Says Prasad, “ After the treatment sessions, my pain, cramps, numbness in hands and feet disappeared. I am back to my morning brisk walks without any hindrance all because of the intense study of my case and customised treatment by their spine specialist.“

Adds Dr. Garima Anandani, chief spine specialist at Qi Spine Clinic, “It is now beyond doubt that conservative medical treatment that reverses the root cause of pain must be the first line of care for those with back pain especially when statistics show that only 1% will ever need surgery .“

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