To enjoy full day, avoid doing these in morning

Throughout the day we do many things without thinking. We do them in an automated way, without thinking, because they help us save time and avoid the friction of constant decision making. But I believe that from time to time we have to rethink how we do things, and take them to a new level. We all say we want to be happier, but we hardly do things in our day to day that contributes to that goal. We keep ourselves busy doing things we believe tend, in the end, to help us achieve certain goals that’ll make us happier…tomorrow.

If you decide you want to be happy today, without waiting for the possible future, we have some suggestions that might work for you. Keep in mind, at all times while reading this post, that we’re sharing tips here to help you live a happier life, not a more productive or efficient one.

 Of course, if you have kids to fix them breakfast and get them ready to school, things are much more complicated. But I believe you’ll still find these tips useful.

1. Don’t check your email

Right after you get out of bed (or even while you’re still in bed) what’s the first thing most of us do: check our email. Well, it doesn’t really contribute to your happiness. Why? Because it forces you to wear your “thinking” hat. We don’t want to start our day hitting the ground running. Even if you’re expecting an important email, it can wait until you leave your house, 30 minutes later or so.

2. Don’t watch the news

If you need to check the weather for instance, use your smartphone instead (there are plenty of apps for that.) Some people who live by themselves, turn on the TV or the radio because they feel the company of others. Think about the benefits of silence and quiet time for yourself. News in general tend to be a bit more negative, and you don’t need a filling of negative stuff right after you start your day!

3. Don’t skip breakfastenjoy your day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Period. If you know you’re going to be rushed in the morning, either leave something prepared, or get the groceries you need. You can grab breakfast on the go one day a week, but don’t make it every day.

4. Don’t be rushed

Waking up and start running because you’re busy and have tons of things to do, kill today’s happiness. Even if you thrive on challenges and eating problems for breakfast, waking up at 60 miles an hour doesn’t allow you to connect with yourself.

5. Don’t think about the tons of things you have to do today

Ideally, you took care of that the night before, before going to bed. We all have stuff to do the next day, just don’t make it a habit to go thru the huge list first thing in the morning. There’s going to be time for that in the next hour or so.

6. Don’t forget to take a shower, and brush your teeth.

A shower always energizes us, and helps us start our day at a nice pace. Starting fresh, wearing nice clothes, smelling nice, helps you feel good and welcome a great day.

7. Don’t leave your house without a smile

It’s a fact, when we’re rushed we tend to be and look serious, frown, and tense. Even if you don’t find concrete reasons to smile, it’ll still help you have a better day. Try it for 5 days in a row, and you’ll notice the difference. If you could do some meditation or some breathing exercises before you leave the house, that’s ideal.

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