The tech skills which are in high demand for companies

The hiring in IT Industry is gradually increasing and the companies are looking for the professionals having good tech tech skills.

Increased digitisation is also providing the impetus and creating new job opportunities in emerging technologies. Here are some of the jobs that are quite popular right now in the Indian tech industry.

Machine Learning Engineer

One of the most popular tech job roles today is that of a machine learning engineer. This job role combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and several other areas of technology to produce automated data modeling outcomes.

Mobile App Developers

In this mobile-first world, the role of a mobile app developers has gained significant importance. Someone who is well-versed with the UI/UX side of things and has good coding experience on mobile apps is a natural fit for this role.

Application Development Analyst

The next job on the list is that of an application development analyst. This role demands a mastery of a host of software engineering skills to develop, test, support and troubleshoot computer applications for internal and external clients. Anyone working on this role will be required to achieve the development milestones on time.

Full-stack Engineer

The job role involves combination of front and back-end web and application development. Full stack engineers have great demand across all tech companies. The versatility of the position makes it a hot position in the tech industry.

Back-end Developer

Every website or mobile development project requires a strong backend developer. They are responsible for building the server side of web applications. The implementation of applications and functions like databases. This job profile has openings across all sectors.

Data Scientist

Internet-based services today are driven by data. Whether it is a financial business or a business where the understanding customer behavior is of paramount importance, the role of a data scientist has become critical. People with analytical abilities to make sense out of enormous quantity of data generated have a great demand in the tech industry.

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