The Talking Flower Pot-a short story

One beautiful day, when there was not a speck of cloud in the sky, an old man called Eustace heard a sharp knock on the door. He quickly went to answer it and found a flower pot lying on the doorstep. It was empty and there was nobody around. Eustace was as mad as a bull because he thought someone had played a trick on him but, as he was a miser, he made up his mind to keep the flower pot.

As Eustace was taking the flower pot inside the garden shed, he heard a small squeaky voice calling him. Eustace was flabbergasted when he realized it was the flower pot! It was telling him that it was magical and could talk. It also told him that it knew the future and, best of all, it could give advice that was always right and never failed. Eustace realized that the flower pot was a priceless treasure so he decided to keep it. He was as proud as a peacock with it!

Now it happened that nearby there was a pair of thieves who was plotting to rob Eustace of all his money that was hidden up the chimney. Part of their plan was to knock on the door and when he opened it, one would capture the old man while the other would go inside and steal all the money. The flower pot knew all this and told Eustace what he had to do to get rid of the robbers. Eustace understood the plan at once and was on tenterhooks to teach those thieves a lesson once and for all.flower pot

When the time was ripe, the two thieves started committing their plan. One of them knocked on the door and they waited patiently. Eustace went to open the door and told the flower pot in his hand. As soon as he opened the door, the flower pot started screaming in a shrill voice at the thieves’ faces. The two thieves were petrified and felt glued to the spot. Then, they ran away as fast as their legs could carry them. They thought Eustace had a bad spirit in his house.

Eustace had learnt a lesson, too. He took all his savings in a bank and was not such a miser after what happened. He kept the flower pot and whenever he needed advice it would tell him what to do. Finally Eustace was left to live in peace, thanks to the flower pot!