The Landlord and Fairy Violets [a Short Story]

Once there was a rich landlord who was very lazy. The landlord had everything, but he was not happy at all. One day, an old lady came to the landlord’s house and said, “Sire, go to the fairy Violets who lives in the Golden Hills. Many people have gone to her, and have had all their wishes granted.”

The lazy landlord thought, ‘I will have to travel days to get to the Golden Hills. I will go next week.’ A week passed, and then a month, but the lazy landlord didn’t go to the Golden Hills.  One day, the landlord’s wife got very angry and said, “We must go to the Golden Hills today itself.” So, the landlord had no other option but to set out for Golden Hills that very evening. The landlord and his wife travelled a night and two days, and finally reached Golden Hills.  They climbed up to the top of the hills, but couldn’t find any Fairy Violets’ house.  There were houses of many other fairies though, so they asked them for help. Finally, a kind fairy showed them the way to fairy Violets’s house, on the top of the tallest peak.

“Oh, how will we climb this peak? I’m tired” said the lazy landlord. But his wife encouraged him to go on. The lazy landlord reluctantly climbed the peak with his wife. At last, they reached the top of the peak, and there, they found a cottage made of gold. On its door, in silver letters, was the name ‘VIOLETS’. The landlord and his wife knocked on the door, and a fairy opened it. As her name suggested, she had violet eyes and hair, and was wearing a violet gown. The landlord told her why they had come there.

“Dear landlord, you have to work hard to gain something. Lazy people never get to their goals. So, don’t be lazy ever again,” the fairy Violet’ advised. Then she blessed the couple with her magic wand.

“Go happily, You will be happy when you start doing something, “ the fairy said. The landlord and his wife thanked the fairy, and started back to their home. On the way back, the landlord said to his wife, “I will not be lazy ever again. “

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