The impact of conceiving in elder ages may be good or bad

Conceiving in elder ages for an elderly couple may change the life not only for them but also for their children who are in marriageable age. The reactions of grandmother, friends and neighbourhood are undoubtedly hilarious but these also reflect in the mindset of society.

Once children have grown to maturity they expect their parents to lead celibate lives. They feel embarrassing about How will they face friends was the concern. There was always this hesitation and awkwardness that changed with times.

The anger had nothing to do with sibling rivalry but stemmed more from the sniggers and snide remarks of neighbourhood aunties and even their children. Most children become the subject of the latest gossip and dinner-table discussions. No wonder they would be angry and irritable all the time.

Conceiving in elder ages- A private affair? Not really

Whether it was decades back or now, society continues to be as intrusive and judgemental about people’s private affairs. No one must have the right to comment on anyone’s personal decisions. Even children need to respect this and take their parents’ decisions, especially in such matters, in their stride.

It is high time children see their parents as normal human beings. They must understand that sex is not just meant for procreation but is a basic human need. Even educated teenagers, would rather not talk about their parents’ lives between the sheets. This is because sex is perceived as something dirty in our society.The impact of conceiving in elder ages may be good or bad

And with the Badhaai Ho trailer being “just a hilariously magnified version of what our society is all about, it should help change our perspection. Not just about the birds and the bees but our parents’ intimate lives too.”

When late pregnancy was a norm

Gone are the days when a woman would get pregnant around the same time as her daughter or daughter-in-law. Maybe a “late born”, confesses to always having a complex about her parents’ age. Had the Badhaai Ho situation been a real-life one, imagine the child’s plight. Everyone would mistake the parents for his/her grandparents. And that’s not funny for any child. This could be a reflection of the mindset of people. As against others’ parents who were young and smart, mine looked obviously old. The late-borns often come with a number of health deficiencies.

And it is all a consequence of people passing judgments on the actions and lives of other people. How should it matter to anyone at what age a couple must have a child? If at all, it’s the doctor who should be the one advising, and that too, only because of health concerns.

In days of delayed parenthood

As it is, the trend of women delaying motherhood i.e. conceiving in elder ages because of both personal as well as professional reasons — has been on the rise for a while. This is true not just for first-time mothers but also for those who decide to have another child after a gap of some years. Having been too busy earlier, the latter want to experience the joys of motherhood yet again. There is not anything wrong with that. And while medical science is helping women take such decisions, doctors keep asserting that post-40 is high-risk pregnancy. In late motherhood, one has to be extremely careful about conditions like Down Syndrome and ensure that problems such as blood pressure and diabetes are kept under check. In any case, conceptions in couples close to 50, are generally accidental and unplanned. Very often, couples who are past the child-bearing stage, or so they think, are certain that they will not conceive, and hence, become careless. And when the woman happens to get pregnant, she doesn’t probably even realise that until it’s too late. And the consequence is a fair amount of embarrassment not just for their own selves but also for their children — but that’s only because our society thinks the way does in the film.

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