Introduction -10-

Hi Mr/Ms [CONTACT NAME]. My name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m calling from [COMPANY]. How are you this morning/afternoon?

Mr/Ms [CONTACT NAME] I’m calling you for a very precise reason. Here at [COMPANY] we have developed [PRODUCT/SERVICE] specifically designed to [DESCRIBE]. I just want to know if you have considered or would consider acquiring/using [PRODUCT/SERVICE].

YES    Go to 20
NO    Go to 25

Description -20-

Okay, let me just briefly explain to you how our [PRODUCT/SERVICE NAME] will help you to:

•    Benefit 1
•    Benefit 2
•    Benefit 3

Are you interested in having more details?

YES        Go to 30
NO        Go to 25

Objections -25-

May I know why you are not interested?

High Price

Go to 20

Satisfy with the product in place / Don’t want to change provider
Do you know what [CURRENT PRODUCT/SERVICE PROVIDER] your company deal with?

NO, Dead End            Go to 70
NO, Comments            Go to 20
NO, Already have        Go to 40

Not the right person

Go to 65

Interest -30-

Fantastic! I will have your assigned Sales Rep calling you to give you further information on [HOW TO ARRANGE A MEETING/WHERE TO BUY].

Go to 70

Competition -40-

Our expertise in [PRODUCT/SERVICE] provided us with the knowledge to develop a solution specially designed [DESCRIBE]. No other company on the market can offer you so many benefits at such an affordable price.

Are you interested in having more details?

YES        Go to 30
NO        Go to 70

Reference -65-

tele marketing

Would you please tell me who is the person in charge of taking such decisions?

Go to 70

Closing -70-

Thank you for you time Mr./Ms [CONTACT NAME] and have a nice day.

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