Technology investments to be a top priority in hospitality industry

  1. Hotels are keen on technology automation for their room distribution business: Technology investment is featuring as a key priority for hoteliers for 2014. 70 percent of hoteliers responded to having set aside budgets for technology investment this fiscal year. Hoteliers expressed they see the benefit in automating the reservation process and improving staff productivity.hotel technology
  2. Improving RevPAR continues to be the top goal: Hoteliers have stated that the most important use of technology at a hotel should be to improve RevPAR as it helps them directly improve their profitability. 76 percent of hoteliers responded positively to investing in technology to improve their REVPAR.
  3. Updating availability, rates, and inventory manually continue to be a challenge:82 percent of hoteliers stated that updating availability, rates, and inventory manually across their distribution channels is a big challenge.
  4. Adoption of non-traditional channels: While online travel agents continue to drive business to hotels, non-traditional channels are seen as new avenues for driving additional room business. 75 percent of hoteliers responded positively to signing up with non-traditional channels to improve visibility for their property and to drive additional revenue.
  5. Revenue management systems lack deep functionality: Only 20 percent of the hoteliers responded to being able to perform a comprehensive forecast of revenue by market segment, rate category, room type, length of stay and arrival date.
  6. Hoteliers looking at mobile apps for increased customer satisfaction: More than half of the hoteliers surveyed are looking at mobile apps to help transform guest experience. 70 percent of hoteliers responded that mobile apps that speed up guest check-in and other services at hotels would help improve their customer service.
  7. Quick access to analytics a key requirement among hoteliers: 72 percent of hoteliers have mentioned that real-time business intelligence could help them effectively manage their operations. They also stressed the ability to receive information delivered on the go.
  8. Management must have an integrated view of the group operations: 75 percent of hoteliers mentioned this level of visibility into group performance would help them make better decisions and improve their day-to-day operations.
  9. The single application to manage hotel operations:87 percent of hoteliers have mentioned that a single application to manage all their hotel operations covering room distribution, revenue management, online reputation management, and channel management would boost their productivity.

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