Techies can improve their productivity using simple tricks

You need to be innovative in IT industry. The workload in an IT organization is so high that if you don’t have several projects going on, you will feel like you are not doing enough. Managing an ever-growing workload can be challenging at times. Here are five hacks to boost your productivity.

Plan the task-list

Almost all IT experts believe that the easiest step to increase productivity is to write your tasks down. If everything is laid out in front of you, prioritizing your work becomes easier. Once you complete a task, you can move to the next one. Getting things out of your head and putting them on paper is an important step in increasing the work productivity. Most IT leaders believe in making a handwritten task list.

You can start with big and end small to help you work backward from the final product. Breaking down your plan in quarters and then into months is extremely important to execute the project.

Don’t overestimate your abilities

When you take up a new project, don’t set the bar too high for yourself. If you commit a certain timeline for the execution of the project and you don’t meet the deadline, you will end up discouraging yourself. To avoid the inevitable results from such self-discouragement, follow the simple method – if something takes an hour, allocate an hour and a half or two full hours to do it.

Know the ‘why’ behind each task

If you have prioritized your to-do list really well. You can block off time in your schedule to get everything done. But just because you know what you should be doing doesn’t mean you will do it. Big projects can be daunting, you need to know the reason behind each and every task in your task-list. The ability behind what you are doing will determine your level of motivation.

Avoid all distractions

Just because you are in a positive head space and completing the task, doesn’t mean you are on a right track. The age of interest has created a number of distractions. The first step to get past the temptation fo distraction is consciously picking one task and work on it. Unless there is an absolute emergency, you must focus on completing the project first.

Scheduled breaks

You need to give yourself some variety to maintain the level of productivity. Doing the same thing for a long period of time can be counterproductive. Varying your routine with different types of tasks and projects can help you do better and more thoughtful work. You need to schedule breaks into your day and during these breaks, don’t work. Taking effective breaks every one or two hours can maintain the motivation level as well.

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