Tap water, salt makes cooked food toxic

Cooking with chlo raminated tap water and iodi sed table salt could put poten tially harmful toxins in you food, a study has warned.

Researchers have foun several molecules that are al most completely new to sci entists, created by cooking with chloraminated tap water and iodised table salt They said that limiting coo king time and temperature and cooking with table sal fortified with iodate instead of iodide, could be safest.

Our tap water is disinfec ted before we drink it or use i in cooking. This is done in several ways, including by ad ding chlorine or molecules called chloramines that are made using ammonia.cooking water

These two processes -chlorination and chlorami nation -have an effect on the chemical make-up of the water. Chlorine or chloramines in tap water can react with the iodised table salt added to food, creating a kind of acid called hypoiodous acid.

The acid can then react with the food and other organic matter in the tap water to create cooking iodinated disinfection byproducts (IDBPs) -molecules that are new to researchers.