Studying abroad broadens your mind

Studying abroad broadens your mind and helps you gain experiences that will aid your growth academically and personally. Indian applicants overseas most commonly pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) degrees at international universities both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. But increasingly, students are looking for unique college experiences and exploring unconventional courses to follow their passion, hone their skills or discover new interests, which ultimately may lead to a fulfilling career.

As technology continues to revolutionise every aspect of life, programs in AI (artificial intelligence), as well as big data and analytics, are gaining significant attention. Blogs, films, social media, and digital platforms are driving the demand for talented graphic designers, animators and video production specialists across industries and students are looking at courses like digital marketing, ani mation, graphic design, video editing and game designing, music recording, and production.

In addition to courses, there is increas ing interest in pursuing unconventional degrees which are offered at the postgraduate level. Some of them include degrees in art conservation, agriculture, and wine-making, food science and nutrition, adventure education and sports management.

Students are also interested in pursuing interdisciplinary studies combining courses from different fields of study as combined majors. They can take an integrated approach to engineering and business, and understand technology innovation through programs in management, entrepreneurship, and technology. Pursuing multiple majors or courses outside your field of study and comfort zone can benefit students. Many employers view it favorably, appreciating an applicant who is more rounded and can demonstrate that they are strong in different subjects with a variety of skills.Further, if a student is undecided on what career path she is likely to take, developing interests and different skills is a good way to keep options open.

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