Spam filter on your google analytics

The analysis is a crucial phase of any data gathering unit. Anyone can do a very convincing analysis of any data given nowadays. You can use software like Microsoft Excel if you don’t have the more complex system in your hand. You can do analysis on popular software available in the market, whether it will be stand-alone software or a using a cloud version.

But if you’re dealing with websites statistics or having a blog, or you just want to have a plain good old analysis on your post, you can do it through Google Analytics. There are much analytic software and cloud available from various digital marketing analysis providers.

In analytics, there are many points to consider and it takes time and effort to know and come up with conclusive numbers, reflecting the performance of one’s website. And you don’t want anyone to ruin it. Or everything will be inconclusive data.

When spam bots ruin your data analysis, yes you can add a filter to do away those referral spams, but sometimes it can be a headache.

I have come across a contribution on my Google + on Google Analytics page, where you can easily install a spam filter on your GA, yes you heard it right. Spam bots are a bit nasty when it comes to ruining your data or charts in your Google Analytics.

Thanks to the one who made it possible Simo Ahava. I think it’s a great share for all of us that want everything to be precise as possible in our analysis. It is really a paint too, again and again, make a filter on spam bots.

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