Some little known facts of bra buying and storing

The most important thing is to pick the right size. The next?

Picking a style that suits your shape. Different brands have different sizes, so always check the size chart. Most women are unaware of their right size. After deciding on a size, it’s good to try a bra for spillage or discomfort. Take your time buying a bra, it’s something you are going to wear every day.


Bras are very delicate -and sometimes very expensive -items and must be hand washed with a mild detergent. In case you do use a washing machine, put your bras in a lingerie wash bag, and only then put them in.


Never wring bras to remove excess water, just squeeze them out gently. Don’t hang them dry on one side, as this tends to wear out the elasticity of the material. Hang them with one cup on either side or flat dry them.inner garment buying


You can store soft cup bras in any form, but for padded or Tshirt bras, NEVER invert cups one into the other.Store them flat, placing one bra over the other, or in a drawer with one behind the other.


If you are always looking over your shoulder because the strap is showing, use the adjusters to make it sit snug (not tight) as that stops the slipping out. Or use sticky tape or the ever-faithful inbuilt bra hooks to keep them in place.