Simpi  at Restaurant

“My five year old daughter Simpi is very restless at restaurant. She will not allow the rest of the family to eat peacefully and to have a quality time.  Sometimes, it is very embarassing to face such situation in a public place like a restaurant” wrote a Mona, the mother is Simpi asking some tips…

Eating ous is way to enjoy quality time with kids. But it becomes unpleasant when children behave in intoleravble ways.  How can you help them out?  Let’s have a look.

Are we well Set? : When children go to a new place like a restaurant, they become very curious and excited.  Talk to them beforehand, and explain that a restaurant is a public place, and they should be careful. Help them learn table manners.

Let them decide: When you enter into the restaurant, let children decide a table to sit. Never let them wander off  from your site.  When your child wants to see around the restaurant, dont’t let them go all by themselves.  Always assist them, even to the the rest room.

Conversations and activities:  Children want to be engaged all the time, and they to your child. Avoid unpleasant topics that make him unhappy. Good conversations will lighten everyone’s mood, and make the time spent together more interesting. As you wait for your food to arrive, you can play games like ‘look and find’ or ‘I spy’.

Let them order: Always give her option what she should eat, and do consider her choice. Allow her to give your order to the waiter- this will make her confident, and will also give her a sense of responsibility that she should finish her meal.

Little at a time: Serve her a little of everything. Once she finishes one portion, give her a bit more. This will allow her to eat slowly; savouring her food steadily, rather than putting her off by a large quantity of food piled on her plate.

When you make the environment calm and interesting for the child, she will naturally start to enjoy eating out. If you make sure that children are not left out, they will surely behave well.

  • From –Dimpi

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