Sex will be just for fun by 2050

Sex will be just for fun by 2050 as we all switch to IVF

One of the developers of the contraceptive pill has predicted his own invention will become redundant as more people choose to be sterilized, making sex purely recreational by 2050.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Professor Carl Djerassi said increasing numbers of babies being born through IVF in the West will lead to men and women choosing to have their eggs and sperm frozen at a young age. Djerassi, 91, told the paper that people would then be sterilized out of convenience because there would be no need to have sex to produce children.

“Over the next few decades, say by the year 2050, more IVF fertilizations will occur among fertile women than the current five million fertility-impaired ones,“ he said.

“For them the separation between sex and reproduction will be 100%.“

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The scientist, who is an author and an emeritus professor of chemistry at Stanford Univer sity in the US, predicted that women in their twenties will increasingly opt for IVF to delay pregnancy without the worry of “the biological clock“.sex as fun

Artificial insemination will eventually become a “normal non-coital method of having children“, he added.

Prof Djerassi made the prediction initially in his first play, An Immaculate Misconception, where two reproductive scientists discuss contraception becoming “superfluous“ as people get sterilised after banking their sperm and eggs. In an interview with The Independent earlier this year, he said the change could also end unplanned pregnancies and therefore terminations.

“Abortion won’t exist anymore because you’ll have a desired child; a desired child is a loved child; and a loved child is the greatest cement for a relationship between a man and a woman, so people who say these are test-tube babies who destroy the nuclear family -this is hogwash,“ he said.

“It will be exactly the other way round.“

 Courtesy: TOI 10 Nov. 14

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