Self-affirmation And Hard Work Lead To Success

God said, “I am One, let me become many“. `I am One, alone, from this One, let there be many’ ­ this is the teaching of the upanishads. Every human being is created in God’s image full of love, virtues, strength, infinite knowledge and infinite power. He is our parent and friend.The goal of life is to manifest the divinity we are bestowed with.

Spiritual thoughts give us strength to stand with poise during storms of failures and depression. They strengthen us to overcome failures and enable us to climb the ladder of success; sharpen memory; give new vitality; have faith in self and in all.They discipline and balance life that becomes joyful and stress-free. In spirituality , life is enlightened; failures become stepping stones. Swami Vivekananda said: “Manifest spirituality within you. Mark, if you give up spirituality the result will be that in three generations you will be extinct.“Success

On the battlefield, Krishna told Arjuna ­ who was depressed at the thought of killing relatives and others for the kingdom ­ “You have the right to perform your duties honestly , but do not try to control the results. Results of work should not be the motive. So, failures or success is not in one’s control.Every one of us has to work hard with concentration in a righteous way .

Success is not only material achievement. There has to be inner happiness, peace and stream of service and love. Failure and success are part of the journey of life. Former President A P J Abdul Kalam in his book, `The Journey of My Life’ wrote, “I firmly believe that unless one has tasted the bitter pill of failure, one cannot taste the sweetness of success. I have seen both and have learnt life’s toughest lessons when I have been in the pit of despair that failure brought with it.“

Spirituality can guide us through the process of developing consciousness.Spiritual development within the mind, body and soul can help us sweep off failures and dive into the ocean of success.Kalam had inspiration from an acclaimed enlightened guru when he was in depression on not being selected for a job.

Success is not easy . Hard work with concentration is required. Holistic success gives joy which is universal. Make it simple. Moral integrity is essential. Focus your mind and feel the power of God within you. d feel the power of God within you.Do not waste time. Mind must remain undefeated with source of fresh power from God. Analyse your failure and its causes and benefits from experience.

Konosuke Matsushita’s management philosophy in his book, `Not for Bread Alone’ is the reason for its great success. Steve Jobs, a college dropout was working in Apple. He was dismissed by a new and educated CEO who considered Steve as uneducated.Steve had bad times. He used to have his meals at Iskcon every week. His intuition and insight was awakened through spirituality in India. He was reappointed with due respect. He then developed Apple further and that went on to become a huge success. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook said that he had spiritual awakening in India. Therein he had intuition.

Let us have tremendous faith in ourselves. In you is infinite power, unbounded wisdom and indomitable energy . Rouse the power within with positive thinking and prayer. You will achieve success. Stay determined.

According to the New Testament, “Whatever things you desire when you pray sincerely , believe that you have received them and you will have them“.Let us affirm that `I have divine power, I have infinite knowledge, I am success, I am success.’