School goes beyond the textbook education system

A co-educational institution with classes from pre-school to class XII, Vikas Bharati Public School in Rohini Sector 24 is recognized by the Directorate of Education Govt of Delhi and affiliated with the CBSE. Since its inception in 1999, the school has mushroomed on four acres and has 3,500 students and 150 faculty members. The spacious, modern and high-tech building, surrounded by lush-green lawns, has well-lit classes, science, maths, computer and language labs with digital equipment. It also has a huge field with a basketball court, lawn tennis court, swimming pool and skating rink.The school grounds also accommodate rain water harvesting system, reverse osmosis plant and recycling plant. It also has a fleet of around 30 buses.text boook education

Following the motto ­ knowledge is power ­ and armed with the ideology of synthesizing tradition with modernity, the school tries to procure highest quality of education with a conducive environment ­ for the preservation of traditional values along with technological accomplishments of the modern world. After being accredited with the International School Award by the British Council (2014-17) for enriching its curriculum with international dimension, the school has been maintaining a strong partnership with Mountbatten School of UK for the exchange programmes, and the ones with UK and Japan have been an exhilarating experience for the students and teachers.

The school practices a multidimensional approach towards the development of the students by catering not only to the cognitive domain, but also to the new vistas of physical, emotional, linguistic, creative and spiritual learning. The school acts as a `talent-incubator’, and has Sports Focus Areas among other talent development clubs like science, astronomy , robotics, literary, drama and cookery , in which students recieve special training. The students participate in inter-school, zonal, national and international level competitions, and have excelled in archery at the national level and yoga at the international level.They also get to learn during the educational trips to different parts of the country .

The intra-school and interschool events are given importance to help students in skill development, social growth and community involvement. Seminars are also organized where those from the education field address parents, along with frequent counselling sessions. “Value-based education is delivered for the moral and social exaltation of each student,“ say chairman Anoop Solanki and director Vikas Solanki. “The school has been well-grounded on the core idea of self-discipline and hard work, which are the hallmarks of success,“ says the school’s principal S Premlatha, adding, “The school gets cent percent result every year in the board exams. Those who have graduated from here have been placed in renowned medical and engineering colleges.“