Not sure what to do after your MBA?
There are many options for manage ment graduates, particularly those with a specialization in core domains such as sales and marketing, human resources, and accounting and finance. According to data, entry-level candidates accounted for nearly 15-20% of the total job share across sectors from January-June 2015.

mbsSales and marketing: The data shows that the demand for candidates specializing in sales and marketing saw the highest rise over the last six months. MBA candidates with a specialization in this functional area captured nearly 40% of the overall demand share among all MBA graduates in June 2015.

The demand for the sales and marketing specialization was the highest in the ITtelecom and BFSI sectors. Nearly 15% of the total demand for the MBA sales and marketing specialization was in these sectors in June 2015, according to the data.This was followed by the manufacturing sector, which had close to 14% of the total demand for the said specialisation in June 2015.

The competencies and skills in this area are largely sought-after in corporate sales, channel sales, busi ness development, marketing strategy, market research, media planning, digital marketing and advertising.

HR: Candidates with the HR specialisation claimed 17% of the total demand. MBA graduates specializing in this area were required mostly in ITtelecom, consulting serv ices and recruitment placement organizations. The ITtelecom sector claimed 16% of the total demand share for MBA HR candidates in June 2015, according to the data. Since HR is a core profile in the consulting services sector and recruitment placement agencies, the demand for those with an MBA in this area was significantly high. These industries together had about 24% of the total demand for MBA HR graduates in June 2015, reveals the data.

Employers looked for potential recruits mainly for the core re recruitment acquisition process, training and development, employee relations and compensation payroll.

Accounting and finance: In June 2015, 16% of the total demand was for those with the ac counting and finance specialization. For obvious reasons, the demand share of candidates with an MBA in this area is the highest in the BFSI sector. The sector had a demand share of nearly 33% for this specialization in June 2015.

Consulting services and the ITtelecom sector claimed 10% and seven per cent of the demand share for those with an MBA in accounting and finance, respectively, in June 2015, according to the data.

In accounting and finance, employers need skills mostly in bookkeeping, audit and risk, taxation and financial analysis, shows the data.

>> OTHER MAJORS Other MBA specializations namely business operations and administration, and logistics and supply chain management have grown in popularity due to business expansion and e-commerce.

In administration, companies seek skills in office management and co-ordination, office services, facilities management and front office. In logistics and supply chain, the focus areas are the core supply chain and logistics function, operations, purchasing sourcing, material management, import export, warehouse and distribution, as per the data.