How safe is your Bank locker?

If the contents of your bank locker are stolen, you’ll ought to prove what was in there and also the compensation might not totally cover your loss
Swiss banks could not be a secure haven for unaccounted cash, however even wealth on that tax has been punctually paid isn’t safe during a bank locker. during a dramatic heist last month, the perpetrators mammary gland a tunnel resulting in the room of a Punjab full service bank branch in Sonepat, prised open eighty nine lockers, and decamped with the loot.

Bank lockers might not be as secure as you’re thinking that they’re. Besides, if the contents of your locker are taken, you’ll not be eligible for compensation. The depository financial institution of Asian country tips say that banks aren’t answerable for the contents of the lockers they rent, though they’re needed to require precautions for his or her protection. Your valuables also are not insured. “A bank doesn’t have the possession or information of the contents of the locker. Hence, it doesn’t have any stake within the matter,“ says an Axis Bank advocate.

According to Section 152 of the Indian Contract Act, a bank isn’t answerable for any loss or injury to the contents of a locker. “The relationship between the bank and also the locker client is that of a owner and a leaseholder,“ says Narayan Raja, CEO, Banking Codes and Standards Board of Asian country (BCSBI).
However, the National shopper Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) has rejected the argument that locker customers ar solely tenants and, hence, banks can’t be control chargeable for any loss suffered by them.In 2000, it ruled:“The depositors had taken the lockers on rent solely thanks to the protection provided by the bank, and it’s not merely a landholder and tenant relationship.“locker
However, as things stand, the law is loaded against the client. He not solely must prove that the locker was robbed, however conjointly submit proof to determine the extent of loss. within the Sonepat incident, whereas there’s clear proof that the lockers were so robbed, customers are going to be needed to produce proof in support of the losses they claim.
The solacement for patrons is that if they’re able to prove that the loss or injury has occurred because of the negligence by the bank, they’ll claim compensation. “If the negligence by the bank is proven, or a bank worker is found to be concerned (in the theft), it becomes a vicarious liability and also the bank is susceptible to pay compensation,“ says Mumbai-based advocate V T Gokhale.

However, the compensation might not cowl the complete loss. In one case, determined by the banking investigator, it absolutely was established that the customer’s locker had been broken into. However, the compensation awarded was simply `10 100000, despite the fact that the client had claimed a loss of `23 lakh. Affected customers may also approach shopper courts. In many cases, wherever negligence on the a part of bank has been proven, courts have come back to the rescue of shoppers. In Gregorian calendar month 2007, the NCDRC awarded compensation to a client when termites Ate into currency notes and vital papers unbroken within the bank locker. “The bank was guaranteed to make sure that the respondent’s locker remained safe altogether respects,“ he commission dominated.

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