Report traffic violation, win a car

Nearly a year after giving a WhatsApp number to report traffic violations, police have now started a scheme where people reporting such offences would get rewarded. The prizes would include a car, motorbike or a trip abroad. This feature has been embedded in the Delhi Traffic Police Android application.

Traffic Sentinel -will give an opportunity to citizens to help inculcate a habit of traffic discipline on Delhi roads. All that a user would have to do is simply click a photo or a video through the App, put in the basic information (such as place of offence, date and time) and press the send button. In GPS-enabled phones, the date, time and location will be automatically embedded in the photograph.

To become a traffic sentinel, a user will have to download the traffic police App and enroll himself. The user would get an acknowledgement and a unique transaction number for each photograph or video uploaded.

If the offence and the vehicle number is clear in the photograph or video, it wo uld be validated at the traffic police headquarters. Reward points would be allocated and the send intimated via email. Once the minimum number of points accrue, the user will be entitled to a prize. In addition, there will be bumper prizes from time-to-time through a lucky draw. One can report 11traffic violations every week.

Every violation has different points. Driving against the flow of traffic has five points, yellow line violation two, parking on footpath one, while triple riding has two points. Defective numberplate, driving without seat belt, without helmet and stop line violation offences have one point each.

The traffic sentinels will get rewards like dinner coupons, movie tickets, free mobile talk time when their points reach between 25 and 100.traffic

Those who collect more than 200 reward points would be eligible to win car, motorcycle and foreign tours through a lucky draw.

Source : Times of India 04 Dec’2015