Science explains a phenomenon in a logical framework while religion recommends certain guide ines without going into the details of why they need to be followed. The main difference in the approach lies n the fact that science is meant for hose who are mentally ready for an explanation while religion addresses he general public. Both are concerned with welfare of society , but the difference lies in the fact that science ries to experiment with methods and outcomes, both, while religion aims at a set of outcomes for which the method is fixed. For the latter, the outcome is more important than explaining why the specificities are o be followed. Thus, those used to ogical explanations may find the path of religion a bit authoritarian hough in actuality it is not so.

Since the main responsibility of religion is to create a disciplined life it cautions about the adverse outcomes, if deviations are too many . The approach is seen to be creating fear in the human mind though actually it is only a warning ­ like a mother tries to tell her naughty child when he is up to mischief.

Let us take the example of environmental degradation. environmental degradation.Science would tell us exactly which particular human action is involved and in what way it would result in harmful living conditions.Religion, on the other hand, would not go into the details of these steps; rather, it would highlight the consequences in their most adverse forms. For example, lessons on cleanliness are imparted through parables so that peo ple are fearful of taking recourse to vulgarities. Besides, religion’s do main is very wide ­ in one go, it adt dresses innumerable aspects of life, aiming at providing stability to the entire issue of a balanced existence.Naturally , it does not have the space and time to go into the nitty-gritty .Only experienced teachers, gurus, can provide you with the link through intuition, perspective and contemplation. Realisation of that link is a state of mind where everything looks crystal clear ­ the entire complex, causal structure reduces to a simple proposition.

Religion and philosophy are like two sides of the same coin. One emerges from observations and another from the analysis of those observations. On the other hand, science and philosophy share a close domain. Philosophy provides support to define a clear-cut objective and route to scientific enquiry . It enables the abstract to take a more tangible shape by providing inputs to form the right kind of hypothesis in the course of enquiry .Religion

The human mind can never sit idle. It believes in acquisition, whether of material wealth or knowledge. In the case of an average person, the tendency to accumulate material wealth is commonly observed. On the other hand, those in search of higher realities also need religion to get the moral strength to stick to their pursuits. Else, there can be a vacuum, momentarily though, and such crises can do more damage than what greed can actually cause. Hence, knowledge is of great importance in religion and in life. Only a disciplined mind can realise the symbiosis between science and philosophy.And religion is nothing but the core of discipline.