Regular Blogging can bring more business

You always want to get your business more attention.

Don’t you like long- and short-term results? Aren’t you interested in driving targeted traffic to your website?

Technological advancements have become a constant deal in the present times. With technology progressing at such a rapid pace, it has only become increasingly essential that business’s marked their web presence. By web presence, we definitely mean your business needs a lot more than just an optimized website. Business growth in today’s day and time depends on many factors other than just a business website. Blogging, for instance, is an effective constant way of connecting with the audience, building a brand image and targeting a specific category of consumers.

Essence of blogging for business growth

Blogging is basically creating SEO optimized content online that is helpful for the business’s progress and growth in a substantial way. Blogging is a very cheap mean of business growth that benefits your business in an unbelievable way. In a recently published analysis report, it was concluded that more than 80% of inbound customers of a business are a result of consistent blogging. This is the power of constant blogging effort.

A blog is a website or page on a website that displays regularly updated informative content.

Blogging is the creating of said content. Typically short in length, it’s the writing of material that offers insight into an aspect or aspects of a specific topic.

Business blogging is a marketing strategy intended to garner online attention for your company. Unlike a personal blog, it’s not a hobby. And it’s not a business itself, with which you make money from selling advertising space around it.

So how does blogging grow your business?

There are great reasons to start blog for your business, it will definitely help you out in bringing more visitors at your website which can be converted in potential buyers for your product or services.

Blogging enhance the social media initiatives

It’s okay to tweet interesting info about your industry, but it’s better to share stuff that directs people to your own website. Use Facebook to generate interest in and redistribute your informative and high-quality content. Plus, blog posts are ready-made content for e-newsletters.

Blogs increases the traffic on your website

How do people find your website? Well, there are a few ways: they type in your URL, they type in your company name or they get directed to your website by coming across it through a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. These engines rank results by matching keywords that people have typed into the engine’s search bar.

Having a business website is one thing. Having a business website with engaged traffic and successful leads is another. Nobody wants a business website that sits there and plays no substantial role. The role of a business site is to work for the appraisal of the business and the only way that can be achieved is by having a greater number of traffic. Blogging is a key way in which traffic is driven for your website. More people access your site, engage with your business content and 70 to 80 percent of them become successful leads.

Every blog you publish creates a new “page” that gets looked at by the engines. The more content added to your site, the more chance a search engine will index you. Blogs improve organic search visibility, thereby increasing your site’s traffic.

And blogs do it in a way that keeps your site manageable and looking organized. It all falls under your blog tab, so your site doesn’t have 50 different pages for every aspect of your business.

Blogs build your reputation 

Blogging is an effective way to establish yourself and/or your brand as experts in your field. By offering interesting and informative info regularly, people will recognize you as an authority. Trust and familiarity lead to good things.

And writing a blog can improve your own knowledge of a subject. It keeps you in the loop and makes you more observant of trends.

Blogging helps to build a positive image and repute of your business in the online world. Making a significant mark for your brand amongst such high competition is not an easy thing. It is actually a mammoth of a task that blogging makes easier. It gives your brand an individual identity and makes it connectable on a much vast level for the audience.

Also, not only writing new blogs, you can even get marginal outcomes by reading a blog like us, Subscribe here.

Blogging reveals something about yourself and your brand

Not only can a blog show you know what you’re talking about, it can reveal what you’re interested in. It’s a convenient way to touch on areas of concern or issues of interest.

And, not limited to business topics only, it comes on more like ‘Closeness in your long term relationship’

You can divulge some of your personality through your writing or tell people about special relationships or employees, etc.

Blogs increase business leads and improve conversion rates

The more you blog, the more leads you get.blogging why required

According to Hubspot (a big US web marketing company), businesses with websites that have 401-1000 web pages get six times more leads than those with 51-100 pages. Again, according to Hubspot, overall return on investment increases for companies who blog. They say businesses that prioritize blogging see a 13x increase in ROI, year after year. Want more crazy stats about how awesome blogging is?

And each blog post you write will still drive new traffic to your website even years after you have posted it.

 Blogging creates and facilitates discussion

By creating compelling content, you’re connecting with current and potential clients. You’re showing you are on the pulse and open to conversations. Blogging will allow you to start a dialogue, respond to feedback, use questions to add to your FAQs page and more.

So, there you have it. Blogging is pretty dang cool. In fact, we believe that blogging is one of the most cost-effective, result-generating, value-adding marketing strategies there is! And it’s applicable to almost any industry.

Don’t think you have the time to get blogging? Hire someone else to write them for you. Don’t have a budget for it? Write the posts yourself. Or do a combination of the two. However you do it, just do it! It’s worth it.

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