Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Not to brag or anything, but your inbox is about to get infinitely more interesting now that you’ve signed up to get posts from InVeronica. We’ve got some good stuff coming your way.

Know : How InVeronica Article Subscription benefit works

Subscribing for InVeronica’s Articles and allowing the browsers Notification at your desktop or mobile phone is your first and mandatory step. Put your valid email address at the above given box and confirm the subscription by clicking on the Activation Link received at your email.

Through this, you will get Daily Life Knowledge articles directly to your inbox. You will love to read articles on the interesting topics at InVeronica. Don’t forget to allow the Browser’s Notification by clicking at the ‘Allow’ button.

2. Next, You need to ask your Ten Friends to do the similar activity, i.e. Subscription and Allowing the browser notification of InVeronica articles.

3. You and all your connected friends need to take a 10 Min Online exam containing a few questions from the latest articles, it is just to verify all the subscription.

4. Once we get the confirmation of Ten Active Subscription and Notification Confirmation from you, your registration from the Readership Reward Progarm gets active.

Disclaimer: Merely participation in Readership Reward Program does not warrant for any certain reward.  Selection for offering reward is full and sole right of InVeronica which is based on certain criteria of InVeronica post subscriptions and activations.

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