Quick snack ideas for small parties

Food is an important element of all parties, so getting smart prepara tions right for get togethers should be a priority , say experts, who think that assorted canapes and mini pizzas are interesting things to serve.

Rice and mayo dynamite: Mix precooked rice with potato, garlic, red chilli powder, salt and oregano and make small round balls. Add one tsp vegetarian mayonnaise in the center along with few jalapenos and seal it.Coat the balls with a mixture of mayonnaise, refined flour and water and then roll them in vermicelli. Deep fry the balls till they’re cooked. Your crispy rice and mayo dynamite is ready to be enjoyed.

Nacho and corn chaat: For a unique twist to regular chaat, mix onion, green chillies, tomato, corian der, mayonnaise, ketchup, chaat masala, red chilli powder and black salt in a bowl and mix well. Add nachos and sweet corn to the mix. Toss gently , garnish with sev and serve.

Assorted canapés: Make assorted canapés in minutes with classic mayonnaise, tandoori mayonnaise and olive oil mayonnaise using everyday items like corn, paneer or potato. The base can be made using biscuits or toasted bread slices.party snacks

Mini pizzas: Make yummy mini pizzas just the way they make in pizzerias in Italy, but with an Indian twist.Choose the pizza toppings to add a tangy and creamy flavour and top it up with basic ingredients like onion, capsicum, paneer or soya chunks.

Fusion dips: Keep your guests coming back for more with appetising party dips. Just add grated pineapple to burger mayonnaise and spice it up with a red pepper sauce and a pineapple chilli dip is ready. If you want to make a refreshing veggie dip, just add grated cucumber, carrot and mint leaves to diet mayonnaise to get a flavoursome yet healthy dip which can be easily paired up with a range of finger foods.

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