Now corporate life is similar as personal life

Life of yesteryears was clearly segregated into work and personal.The time and treatment were in clear segregation; mentally, physically and emotionally, and these were fairly verticalized and compartmentalized.

However, the life of today, in contrast, is not as distinctly segregated but has three areas of confluence and interdependencies namely professional, personal and another one called social, which is the third new element taking a massive time portion of everyday life.

So, the corporate life of today has two elements of personal and social life playing in strongly round the clock.

Let us examine, the elements that constitute corporate life, how we practice them today and the things in store going forward: There are clear overlaps in the way we deal and approach corporate life.

Technology has ensured better efficiencies and the ease of connecting, resulting in frequent disruption as personal stuff starts creeping in during peak working times and the other way round as well.This calls for a high degree of emotional maturity to handle and brings the best out of everyone. So long as we believe and practice that this flexibility is an essential part of our current and future living, we will find ways and means of using technology to our advantage and drive efficiencies on all fronts.

The world of talent which is such a critical part of corporate life has actually converged on all three fronts simultaneously. Colleagues, friends, business associates are all that we define as our world of networking community.Through social media, this world of people is brought together and the mind has accepted this as one unifying world without compartments.

Corporate life has a term called employee engagement which denotes how actively an employee is engaged in his work, colleagues, and organization. Now, this is moving towards social engagement and a holistic measurement of life on all fronts. It would be pertinent to measure how actively an employee would be relevant, engaged and productive at a workplace.

Corporate life is anchored on core values which an enterprise defines as its so-called culture.There is a seamless movement of synergies of personal culture beliefs of people that need to be blended with the overall organizational values created for maximum benefit.The interplay between the two has narrowed down to a level where there is a definitive advantage to look at it in an unusual manner.working life

The corporate life has started to believe in relevance and significance of inclusive growth to support the camaraderie and progress of the communities.To sustain this, we support and influence the growth of our peers, superiors, and teams in different walks of the professional journey which elevates us as individuals and fosters the spirit of giving and gratitude.

The corporate life ecosystem supports building different perspectives resilience, flexibility, empathy and self-awareness which plugs back in personal life in the form of a strong emotional quotient.

To sum up, corporate, personal and social lives are triads of a classical golden triangle that defines the corporate life of an individual holistically. They are hand in glove and need to be viewed together.

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