Now, book train tickets 30 min before departure

Passengers can now book railway tickets online 30 minutes before the departure of a train from Thursday .

Aiming to ensure confirmed seats to travellers, the railways has changed the system of preparation of its reservation chart, which will now be prepared twice. While the first chart will be prepared four hours prior to departure of a train, the second one will be prepared 30 minutes before the train departs.

Booking will be allowed on internet as well as at reservation counters for a particular train, subject to availability of berths, even after preparation of the first reservation chart.

Railways has also made it mandatory for the department concerned to finalise the reservation chart four hours before the departure of a train from November 12 in order to facilitate passengers to know the status of their ticket and plan their journey well in time. A second and final chart of res ervations will be eticketmade available before departure of train and handed over to onboard ticket checking staff. This exercise will ensure optimum utilization of train accommodation as well as enhanced earnings, an official said.

Also, there were complaints of delay in finalisation of reservation chart, giving scope to touts to indulge in illegal ticketing activities.

Source: TOI 11 Nov’2015