Net traffic may touch speed of light

For the first time, revolutionary internet tecnologies may enable internet traffic to travel at the speed of light, while being completely open and programmable, scientists say .The current internet infrast ructure is not able to support in dependent development and in novation at physical and net work layer functionalities protocols and services, while a the same time supporting the increasing bandwidth demands of changing and diverse applica tions.

The research introduces new concepts of open source optica internet enabled by optical white box and software defined network technologies.

These technologies will hide complexity of optical networks and open them up for traditional programmers and application developers to create new type of internet applications taking advantage of the speed of light.

It Could Be Possible Through Tech Like Open Source Optical Internet

New internet technologies frequently emerge, but most of them rarely result in new and revolutionary internet applications.

The technologies suggested could pave the way for the creation of new internet services and applications not previously possible or disruptive. This might well be a breakthrough in internet services.internet speed

The technologies could also potentially change the balance of power from vendors and operators that are monopolising the current internet infrastructure to wider users and service providers. It would, in turn, lead to a more wider reach of the internet.

The study was oublished in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A.