SmartShehar Woman Safety Shield Protection:

Allows you to take a picture. Hit the emergency button and the picture along with the location will go to a pre-decided list of emergency contacts. Don’t worry if you lose the phone before sending–the app will automatically send the information within a few seconds. The “Walk With Me“ feature will allow those on your list to track your movements in real time


Activated using the phone’s power button, it sends the message “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location“ to emergency contacts every two minutes with updated location

women safety appsSuspects Registry–For Women:

This one also tracks location. Hitting the panic alarm notifies emergency contacts of latest location along with a minute’s recording of it. The “Record Any Incident“ feature uploads image to the app’s Facebook page.The idea is to store information remotely

Scream Alarm!:

It screams in a woman’s voice–no more, no less

bSafe–Share Locations:

Let emergency contacts follow you through a live GPS trail; set a timed alarm that goes off if you haven’t “checked in“; make your phone ring with a fake call; the alert notifies emergency contacts with location, video, even siren

Pukar–A Personal Safety App:

Sends SMS alert with GPS location to preset emergency contacts at regular intervals.Ensures the phone itself doesn’t draw attention by making it silent and dimming the screen

Women Safety Help Totem SOS:

Lets you chose a mode according to perceived level of danger. Use `green’ when you feel safe, `yellow’ when you are not sure and red in an emergency. Red mode lets you dial 100, transmit location, take photo every 10 seconds and record audio. Yellow mode only transmits GPS location at intervals fixed by user

Raksha–Women Safety Alert:

Send location alert to emergency contacts even without switching on the app by pressing volume button. Can also dial 100 and sends SMS where there is no mobile internet

iGoSafely–Personal Safety App:

Once activated, it alerts your contacts if you shake the phone vigorously or unplug the headphones. Emails and or text messages are sent with GPS location. Updates go out every minute till the app is disarmed. Each alert message includes your GPS position, street address (if available) and a 30-second audio recording

Smart 24×7:

Panic alert notifies emergency contacts; it records voices and takes photographs during the panic situation and transfers these to police.

There’s a call centre and the user’s primary contact can track movements

Women Safety Secured:

The app recognizes shouting and crying as distress signals and sends text messages to emergency contacts with location