Messed up at work? Bounce back!

To err is human…Nonetheless, when it comes to committing an error at work, perspectives often change. At work, if you make a big mistake, you instantaneously come under the scanner of everyone around you. When you mess up at the workplace, it is fatal for your reputation and relationship, not only with your managers, but also with the co-workers. Most of the times, it seems that if you have committed such a huge mistake, you are unlikely to recover from it.However, it is only partially true. You will not be able to recover, if and only if you do not make an effort towards the same. Remember, the organisation is not looking to fire you for committing the mistake. Had it been the case, you wouldn’t be sitting in your cubicle now.Therefore, if you are still able to retain your job after having messed up at work, it is a strong signal that the organisation has given you another chance, and you can make the most of it by working really hard and making up for that error! Lynette Dsilva, HR director, Amdocs India, gives an insight into how one can start working towards the goal of making up for that error.


“The two key elements to keep in mind here are ownership and communication. Employees need to take ownership for what they are working on and this involves careful planning to get the desired output.

Occasional misstep is where being transparent in your communication is helpful.

Talking about that mistake to your managers might seem to be the most difficult task, but that is something that one should not refrain from. The importance of talking it out with the managers to get their feedback. Be sincere in redressal. Bad situations, in many cases, can be reversed or the effect minimised. However, an arrogant or insincere approach will only alienate you further. Also, be willing to take feedback from your seniors. They will help you analyse where you went wrong. This will help you immensely in staying away from such a mistake in future and will also send out a positive signal to the management that you have accepted your mistake and are willing to improve the situation.

Equally important are apologising and amending once you have acknowledged the mistake before your seniors. The importance of the two at the workplace when you are looking to rebuild your credibility , If there are colleagues who have been affected by the mistake, talk to them and apologise.This can be very difficult at times, but if you have the right intent and genuinely believe in making up, this would seem like any other work-related conversation. It goes without saying that you need to rectify the situation. It is equally important to talk to your colleagues and managers about how you intend to avoid making this mistake in the future, and make them understand how you are committed to help them.mistake

Next comes building your lost trust.The best way to ensure this is to work really hard at the workplace and show it to your managers that you intend well and are willing to learn from your mistakes. Be ready to work extra and display a sincere approach towards work. Remember, an employee who learns from his mistakes is always a boss’s delight. A mistake once is a learning, but to repeat it again would be foolish. So learn from it and move on towards a better and more credible future, professionally .

Source: TOI 02 Dec’2015