Medicines, X-rays and other codes

“We have not received the medicines yet. The X-ray reports are awaited too for further follow-up,“ says the caller. The receiver answers, “The surgeon says the patient will come with reports soon.“

Don’t confuse the conversation with a chat between a doctor and a patient or relatives.These are how the ISI handlers and the arrested agents communicated. The intercepts of the conversations tapped by security agencies detail how well-oiled the network was and how well trained the agents were. While the information was coded as medicine and the documents as X-ray report, the Pak-based operatives were referred to as Bhaijaan. The army and BSF personnel were referred to as doctor and surgeon. Cops have around 2 hours of intercepted conversations, say sources.

Sources say the accused even had meetings to discuss clandestine methods of document exchange and the receivers always warned the sources to never let their guard down and strictly follow the protocol in each exchange.

Not only did the two agents use Viber, Whatsapp and emails to contact each other but the papers were also shared through Facetime (iPhone) too.“The agents would hold the paper in front of them during the video call as the handlers took a screenshot of the paper being waved.code

The source would drop the stolen paper or file on the staircase, from where the receiver would pick it up and leave. They would met in public transports or crowded streets and exchange copies of the leaked paper. The handover was even more dramatic at times -taking place in a moving bus or while brushing past each other in a crowded street, sources said. Most of the transactions are international bank transfers and money trail is being investigated.

The money trail was not very high, sources said, but was consistent and trans erred after every piece of in ormation shared by the conduits. During interrogation by ACP K P S Malhotra’s team, arrested BSF cop Rasheed said that it was this constant money transfers which led him to nteract with the Pak based handler directly .

Source: TOI 01 Dec’2015