A management degree is a launch pad

A management degree is a launch pad to the corporate world as it sharpens professional skills

An MBA degree certainly adds a lot of value to a graduate degree and enhances your resume. It helps you stand out amongst all the candidates applying for a job. Experts say that this is a degree that sharpens one’s image of reality. If your graduate degree gives you a direction to your career, your MBA degree will be a launch pad to the corporate world. An MBA degree is like a finishing school, it makes one ready for the market! Students should focus on their self-development, professional competency and taking care of their respective families. A few questions need to be spared thought for. Can we link ‘aspirations’ to ‘job hoppers? Why do people jump jobs is it indicative of their unreliability or reflective of their negative personality? If so, why do companies welcome such people into their fold? The world is researching and talking about this now for decades. Let us restrict these discussions to the premature job hopping by freshly recruited MBAs PGDM students. Some percentage of them leaves their job in the first year itself. Many of them are reluctant to sign contract for a fixed three or four years.
The campus placement process involves many steps. Job description sheet is notified to enable aspirants to understand the job profile. Only those who are interested in the profile apply for the job and forward the CV. Pre-placement Talks or thorough briefings takes place where the students get maximum opportunities to ask as many questions as possible to the company. Group Discussions take place and short listing comes up. Then comes the one to one interview some time with more than one panel. Aptitude tests and other kind of process are also there. Then the job offer is released and the individual sign it up. After joining the company relative training is imparted. A large number of companies are notified to the students to think and apply. Thus a PG student gets as much opportunity as she wants to think and then apply.
Management institutes can ensure a couple of things in this context, Behavioral training in the management institutes has to take eminent position and it’s a challenge. Conducive business environments do offer more opportunities. But the future belongs to those who learn and work hard for long durations in the company. The MBA aspirants should come with a mindset of getting into the world of ‘loyalty, integrity and hard work. An MBA is an enhancer, it takes the economist and makes him into a market ready economist; it takes an accountant and develops in him traits to take on business conditions, and gives an engineer a marketable framework to increase creativity or product efficiency. Thus an MBA betters, rather than changing one’s basic skill set.
managment degreeIn that sense an MBA works to amplify your graduate degree. It works with the knowledge base that you already possess; taking it one step further.
The education industry in India has undergone a major renaissance for the number of opportunities it offers to students today are multiple, thus allowing each one to pursue their degrees closest to their respective aptitudes and inclinations. The growth of vocational and niche institutions in Tier I and II cities is a case in point. The number of applicants for Common Admission Test (CAT) has been increasing over the past decade; so are the numbers of applicants for other MBA schools across the country.
A lot of colleges are mushrooming in the country and while choosing an apt college the candidate needs to take care. Management degree grooms you to face the challenges in life and to be a part of the rat race.
A managerial degree helps you to think-outof -the-box and come up with solutions to the problems faced daily.
Management is a science which students have to learn in classrooms before they take up professional assignments. Industry interface at the B-school helps students professionally. While students study fundamentals of management through textbooks or lectures, field experience and expert interaction gives practical experience. Extensive curriculum helps students enter the corporate world. Taking cautious steps to get into a reputed management school is of utmost importance, she says. “There are a number of Bschools in the country yet established brands obviously impart best management education. One should rightly choose B-school. Before zeroing in on a B-school, students should crosscheck B-school background, syllabus, faculty and placements.
In the Indian context, MBA is important for anyone looking for a career in management. On the other hand, managers need to have an overall understanding of various functional areas and how each of these functional them interact with each other. In business, there is nothing like a problem which is restricted to a single functional area. The solution to a particular problem in any area will have immediate impact on other areas. An action in marketing will effect production, finance, human resources as well as operations. So is the case with all other functional areas. An MBA degree will enable the managers to evaluate these impacts across different areas of business and help them to make the appropriate decisions.
A good quality management degree will en able students to take advantage of the global market place. In addition, it will enable them to adapt to the changing needs of the organisation as well as the econ my. A good MBA program will train the students to feel perfectly at home in different cultures, different economies and different regulatory frameworks.