Living A Life Free Of Problems

Life can never be completely free of problems. Where only one person lives, there will be no problem, but when there is more than one person, problems become a given. The word for `two’ in Sanskrit is `dwand’. It means both `two’ and `conflict’. This is because no two people think alike, look alike or have similar tastes. So there are bound to be differences and judgments born thereof. This creates disharmony and tension. Then what is the solution to live a life of peace?
Bhagvan Mahavira has given a solution. He was a man with ananta chakshu or `many eyes’. That means he was able to perceive truth at many levels. Truth is multidimensional.Ananta chakshu is perhaps the most significant adjective to describe truth for truth also has so many perspectives.

Through our eyes, we can see anything as either this or that. As right or wrong, as black or white, as acceptable or not acceptable. With the possibility of different perceptions, there is always scope for difference of opinion and conflict. That’s why we need ananta chakshu.

It is difficult for us to understand the truth. A person living in this world sees primarily the gross world and when he has the practical perspective then truth may hide itself from view.The greatest truth is aacharan satya or truth of conduct.

Mahavira observed that there is great fear in the world.He once called all his disciples and asked what they were afraid of. They were bewildered. Their master was asking them such a question, so there must be a reason, they figured. They were silent for some time and then asked for the answer from the master himself. “Dukh bhaya appanam“ ­ we are all scared of sorrow, said Mahavira. Today there is a lot of sorrow and a lot of pain, too.

Bhagvan Mahavira laid the foundation for popularising the concept of ahimsa or non-violence. First, he laid down the principles of fearlessness and then of truth.Where there is parigraha or possession, there is fear. Where there is aparigraha, or no possessions, there is no fear.

Equally true is the fact that a householder cannot be without possessions. Mahavira found a solution. If you cannot give up posessions, observe restraint. This is the solution to today’s problems that stem mostly from avarice and jealousy.problem fee life

The essence to a fearless life, a peaceful life, is through restraint … we need to have limits. The sky can be limitless but a human being cannot be … The human being has to set limits to all activities, whether the activity pertains to eating, housing, clothing, possessing ornaments and even money. Observe limits to consumption and possession …herein lies the magic that will bring the required balance in the consumerist culture of today. Limitless consumption is the reason for our problem …consumption is consuming us.

We may consider our life at present.Diseases of the mind that are born within, from anger, delusion, ego and greed, are veiling the truth from our vision. All these passions are born with the desire to possess beyond our limits.Let us try to overcome our greed for possessions, then maybe more of our `eyes’ will begin to open, as do petals of the lotus once the flower faces the radiance of sun rays.