Learning the tricks of the trade

Raising the bar, Indian management education is stressing upon shaping bright business leaders

Pinning their hopes on corporate jobs, management aspirants look forward to a bright road ahead. However, industry expert feel students need to sharpen their professional skills. Amid many career avenues, management education is still a lucrative option. Mushrooming Bschools in India are trying their best to keep abreast with the modern changes. MBA aspirants vie for getting toehold in the best business school. Dealing with rising expectations, experts feel that the responsibility of management schools has increased manifold as they are responsible for churning competent future managers. At the same time, it’s important for students to note that mere admission in the best of the B-schools is not going to roll the red carpet for jobs but it’s equally important to keep themselves upgraded. Management is not confined to mere education, as it’s an attitude, feel academicians.

trade tricksMultinationals are looking for brighter individuals who are crisis managers as well as trendsetters. Globally, there has been a rising demand for good business leaders who are able to wade their way through difficulties. Technology and globalisation seem to have expanded roles of managers and that’s the reason management education too, is preparing itself to meet future challenges. Keeping pace with the latest trends, management education in India is evolving.It is required a revamp.

According to experts, management is attitude. Developing the right attitude of putting theory into practice will take students far. Good business schools should develop the ability to think and anaylise. More importantly, academicians feel management institutes should look at catering to industry needs.

Today, the future of businesses being affected many factors. Here are few questions. Will MBA students be groomed to face these new scenarios, with limited and different resources to work with? Will they be able to look at things perspective and derive meaningful and sustainable solutions?
This would certainly require a fresh way of designing and delivering management education. Therefore, students will need to look for signs of a futuristic Management program. Apart from the brand name and the past placement records which dominate the search criteria, due weightage also needs to be given to aspects such as: subjects that inculcate innovation and creative thinking, ethnography, understanding of the digital economy and the changes it is fostering, leadership and environment related subjects activities, the opportunities provided by the business school for a student to connect with people from different walks of life so as to be able to understand the changes in the social structures over time.

Business Schools should go beyond students’ cognitive and mathematical abilities and focus on creativity, ability to work in an unstructured environment, to observe beyond the obvious and other such soft skills. Students should look for these differentiating factors among BSchools in the consideration list and pick one that is meaningful which grooms them to meet the challenges of the future.

Choosing the career is the need of today’s hour. Test preparation is the most important for MBA aspirants. Today with only three non-institutional tests nationally, candidates have an option of taking up national level test like ATMA that has patronage from 550 Business schools and has wide recognition from large number of institutes for MBA and PGDM. It is a trump card for those students aspiring to get scores with no limiting factor option on negative marking and ability to opt for large number of institutions nationally The entry ticket to a good MBAPGDM school is ability of aspirant to crack the test with flying colours. Equally true is the fact that good MBA schools in an endeavour to reach the global benchmarks are striving hard to attract and retain high value students and the basic parameter of defining this is the score in entrance test.

Management degree from a reputed B-school is considered to be a passport to the corporate world.