Lead A Better Life, Not A Bitter Life

Are you among those who feel they are victims and that success is elusive? Let me say this to you: You have to learn not to be a victim, but a victor. You have become victim to your psychological patterns, your idiosyncrasies. These patterns, so often, represent your failures, which do not allow you to celebrate outer success. Hence, in spite of success, you experience failures.

Reflect on this. A teacher asked students to bring a few potatoes in the school bag. Next day, each student brought a few potatoes in their school bags. The teacher asked the students to give each potato the name of a person they hate. They were also told to carry the potatoes for one week wherever they went. After a few days, the potatoes started smelling, and soon the stink became unbearable.

better lifeThen the teacher asked, “What is the moral of this experiment?“ Each one said something, and finally, the teacher said, “This is exactly the situation in life when you carry your hatred inside your mind and heart for long.“ Just as rotten potatoes spoiled your school bag and the atmosphere, your hatred will spoil your mind and heart. Learn to drop your hatred as soon as possible.

Your life, so often, is spoilt due to your differences with others. Differences with others need not end up as hatred. Differences are just differences, but the moment the mind gives them a name tag of hatred mind and heart get polluted.

No one can avoid differences, but one has to be alert not to give the name tag and s wrap those differences with dislike and hatred. This requires psychological alertness. But to expect one not to have differences at work and home is truly being foolish. One should drop this foolishness by wise thinking and take practical steps to overcome the negative attitude.

We are so often a product of society; human beings are social beings. We are impacted by social expectation. You have to be alert not to become a slave to society, and at the same time respect society. You have to relate intelligently to society, lest you become a social slave.

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When you become a slave to society , you are afraid of society . Such fear will make your life ineffective.

With fear, you will not be able to discern facts of life. able to discern facts of life. With fear, your perception will be distorted. Then, instead of the actuality of life, only the illusion of life will be experi enced. You have to drop the fear. Then you will comprehend facts as facts; otherwise fear will distort facts to fit into its manipulations. Also, you tend to become victim to your inner conclusions, inner beliefs, and these could dominate your life. Your mind is not free from the victimisation by all the inner conclusions and beliefs and the external impact of society . If you are a victim of your conclusions, then your thinking is not free; it is bound. Such a bound mind can never think differently .

In management one talks of “outof-the-box thinking“. So you can free yourself from conclusion and beliefs and operate from openness. All this needs psychological alertness, but most of us are psychologically lazy . We don’t want to change. It is easy to follow what has been decided. You need strength to think differently and not to allow fear to guide your life. You will do business better and live a better life rather than a bitter life.

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