How do you know what people want?

The battle is won or lost, right here. Put me up against the greatest writer in the world, and if I understand the audience better, I will kick his or her ass every time when it comes to connection, engagement, and conversion.

What do you need to know? Think back to that quote from Roy Williams.

You need to know the kind of people they admire, and what they aspire to, despise, fear, and cherish.

Instead of sitting around dreaming up stuff you guess people might react favorably to, tell an educated story based on one or more archetypal individuals who represent the whole.

Understanding your audience at such an intimate level makes creating buyer personas important. It also helps to be a part of the market you’re speaking to, which results in a more authentic story and easier leadership of the tribe you form.

copywritingIt’s all about research.

Research doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s the foundation of any smart marketing plan, online or off. The more time you spend understanding the people you’re talking to, the better story you’ll tell them.

With the combination of Google and social media, we’ve never had this much access to more information about our prospective audiences. And it’s all free and incredibly valuable, if you know how to focus on the right things. This is such an important topic that we’ll have an entire Premise educational seminar devoted to smart online research tactics. Stay tuned for that.