Kindle Oasis – 6″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi)

Few things beat a good paperback to pass time at an airport, on a long-haul flight, or when you’re laying under a beach umbrella while on vacation. But packing multiple novels in your luggage might seem like an unnecessary indulgence. Well, consider the Kindle Oasis. This new e-book reader ­ 3.4mm at its thinnest edge and weighing just 131gms ­ is the slimmest and lightest of e-readers yet.It comes with a crisp (300ppi), 6-inch, front-lit display (with adjustable illumination), so you can read books even in dark environs without any strain on your eyes.

To make the Oasis comfortable to hold, the bulk of its electronics are placed on one side to create an ergonomic handgrip. What you also get are dedicated `page turn’ buttons located on the front of the handgrip, as well as a touchscreen display for easy navigation.

New—Designed to feel as light as paper, Kindle Oasis is over 20% lighter and 30% thinner on average than any other Kindle. The handgrip tapers to an ultrathin 0.13” display so you can read comfortably for hours.

New—Kindle Oasis combines our strongest cover glass and a featherweight frame infused with metal using structural electroplating, ensuring it is lightweight while also resilient enough to take anywhere you want to read.

New—A tapered ergonomic handgrip shifts the center of gravity to your palm, to rest in your hand like the spine of a book. Perfectly balanced for one-handed reading, Kindle Oasis enables you to get lost in your story.

New—Comfortably turn the page with either the touch display or dedicated page turn buttons located on the front of the handgrip. Whether you choose to read with your left or right hand, Kindle Oasis automatically rotates the page orientation to match.

The Oasis is also the first Kindle e-reader that automatically rotates pages a full 180-degrees on the screen, depending on the hand you’re gripping it with.

Plus, it comes with a leather cover that’s equipped with a secondary battery , which magnetically snaps onto the device to extend its battery life from a few weeks to a few months.

Voracious readers will appreciate a book catalogue of over three million titles, as well as software features like `Whispersync’ that saves your last page read across all of your Kindle devices and apps, `Goodreads’ that helps with book recommendations, `Time to Read’ which tells you how much time it will take to finish a book based on your reading speed, and `Smart Lookup’ for access to dictionary meanings, and other reference information via Wikipedia.

Well, the Oasis is obviously top of the line when it comes to e-readers, but you could also consider the Kindle Paperwhite (starting at `10,999) and the Kindle Voyage (starting at `16,499). Both these devices also come with front-lit, touchscreen displays, 4GB storage (enough to store hundreds of books), a Wi-Fi + 3G variant, and all the software features listed above. With the Voyage you also get PagePress buttons on each side of the bezel for navigation.