Keep in mind if you’re crushing on someone from workplace

Office romances are often frowned upon and discouraged, mainly because they can create difficulties in a professional work environment. Having said that, crushing on a co-worker can be inevitable at times and natural, too. But you don’t really want it to become a thing unless of course, you’re really in love with someone at work. And that’s when you need to figure how office romances can be done right.workplace curse

If you have a crush on someone, you need to ask a few questions to yourself. Do you want it to become a thing? Or do you just want to crush on the person and not make it awkward? Here are five things to keep in mind if you’re crushing on someone from your office space!

It’s okay to have a harmless crush on someone but crushing on someone doesn’t necessarily mean you have to act on it. You can admire them for their work, compliment them or even talk to them from time to time but think thrice before you act on your feelings in such a scenario.


Sometimes, we think from our heart and not mind. So, in case you’re in that situation, consciously think of a way to distract your heart, so your mind takes over and takes charge of your feelings. Your feelings don’t govern how you act and think in a certain situation.


Of course, there will be sheer excitement when you come to work to see the person and work with them but don’t let your excitement ruin things for you. You can look forward to each day and this can help you focus better. You’re always out there, trying to draw the person’s attention, looking sharp and confident in meetings and brainstorming sessions, by dressing up well. But remember your excitement shouldn’t get ahead of you. It was not very particular about dressing until this one time when my crush told me that I looked good in shirts. Thereafter, I ensured that I paid special attention to what I wear and looked forward to her compliments. It also made me a little more active at work.

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While you can tell your closest colleagues, you don’t have to tell the world about it. Not everyone you work with needs to know about your crush. It can become something bigger than your work and affect your relationship with the colleague/boss you’re crushing on if they ever happen to find out about it. Tell a selected bunch you really trust, so you can rationally discuss the details with them, whenever you feel like. Office crushes are absolutely normal and you should definitely enjoy them till they last. If it’s more than a crush, you have to figure what you need to do next. Either you take a step forward and tell the person how you feel, or you let go of the feelings. It all depends on the circumstances. So act wisely and have fun while you do so!


Sometimes, guilt can act as counterproductive. If you’re guilty of crushing on a colleague or your boss, you’ll constantly think about why you have a crush on them in the first place and that may lead you to do unhealthy and unproductive things. It can also make you feel awkward and you may act in a certain manner that’s unlikely of you in the first place. So, don’t feel guilty about a thing and enjoy till it lasts.

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