Keep diseases away in this monsoon

The arrival of monsoon is a welcome relief from sweltering heat. But rainy season is also the time when there is maximum spurt in bacterial and viral infections -for example, common cold, flu, typhoid, Hepatitis A, dengue and chikungunya among others.

Doctors say kids and elderly are most vulnerable. Good personal hygiene and avoiding `risky’ food and water is advised to keep diseases at bay.

rain deseases

Humid weather is conducive for bacterial growth. Veccive for bacterial growth. Vectors are also in abundance.This leads to spread of infections. Simple things like washing hands regularly , eating fresh food and keeping the surroundings clean can help keep us healthy.

Doctors say elderly and those with weaker immunity should be administered with preventive influenza vaccination to avoid serious consequences of viral illnesses. Eating healthy also helps boost immunity and thus reduces risk of infection.

Stagnation of water is a common sight during rainy season. It is important to clear them to prevent mosquito breeding. Malaria, dengue and chikungunya pose public health crisis, and are a major cause for morbidity and mortality in the country .

Those with pre-existing illnesses like diabetes and cancer need to take extra care, because infections that are self-limiting for others may cause prolonged illnesses and fatality in them due to compromised immunity .

In rainy season, high levels of humidity and perspiration can lead of severe dehydration of the fluid intake is not maintained. Diabetics, skin experts say, are prone to foot infections during the rainy season. They should keep their feet dry and sugar control is important.

People who have undergone surgery , those who are on diuretics or prolonged medicines for chronic health condition like renal failure or Tuberculosis are more likely to catch infection.

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